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Lightbulb Projects provides an innovative solution to allow users and companies to host projects and collaborate on them. Creating great opportunities

New Experiences

Get in contact with like minded people and create amazing products together.


Verified Companies

Work together with verified companies located around the Benelux. And gain professional experiences.


Unique Projects

Set up unique projects that will stun the world or help bring them to life with your skills.

Here is our team

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I am the founder of LightBulbProjects and like all my other team members, thank you for taking a look at our growing world of ideas. I always believed that true the sharing of knowledge we could thrive in life. This is my way to contribute to that.
Lets light up the world together!

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Always on a quest for a better understanding of security & development, I am responsible for managing technology, security and development.

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I am driven by two main philosophies: Know more today about the universe than I knew yesterday and work together to lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that will bring human kind

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I am the Chief Design Officer of LightBulb Projects. I designed the LBP logo and now, I contribute to the design of the website and its user- friendliness. Also, I am responsible for developing and maintaining the corporate identity.

Work with us

Interested in working together with us to provide internships and projects to members?
Send us a message at info(at)lightbulbprojects.com